Photo 11

Leaving Israel

Dr. Bye, I presume?


Dr. Bye, I presume?


Welcome to Canada

The long wait

Lital at the airport

Passover ain't gonna stop me eating cereal!

It's Friday...

!()[assets/img/2014/20140221.jpeg] It’s Friday, it’s 28 degrees and I’m sat in a Roman piazza for lunch and a beer. Travelling in Israel could be worse.

Turning out the light

Last night in an attempt to turn the bedside lamp off, the socket turned through 90 degrees and fell off the wall!

Packing complete

One’s whole life contained in 3 small bags, and I’m convinced I’ve got too much stuff

Packing up

You realise that you’ll really miss some things as you put them away for the last time in a long time