I sit here, this Sunday morning with the last Tool album on. It’s funny how some bands can take a 13 year hiatus and yet have the discography feel seamless. The reason of course is that I’m going to see them live tonight. I missed them back in Nottingham around ‘06 on the 10,000 days tour - which I would have loved. But unfortunately student finances meant that I couldn’t afford the £60 or so for the ticket. And then there was the hiatus, so I’d mostly written them off as one of the those bands that I was never going to be able to see.

That maybe changed with the new album and tour, but then when the tour was announced I saw that the first batch of tickets were starting at $600. Which is in that grey area of something that I could afford these days, if I wanted to, but I didn’t want to. And certainly not for a ticket up in the gods.

Then on Friday, I was checking to see if I could get a table at a restaurant around the corner from the arena and was therefore checking the arena’s “What’s On” page and saw it was the Tool weekend. With a “Oh! I’d forgotten that was this weekend”, I opened TicketMaster on my phone - mostly just to torture with myself at the ridiculous expense of the resale market.

Lo and behold, I ended up kicking up a fifth row ticket just off centre for $160. There was a pair of tickets in the row in front, that wanted just shy of $2,000 a piece - which was more like what I was expecting. But these tickets had been nearly $5,000 in release week, thanks to bots and scalpers automatically trying to flip them.

It should make for an excellent evening.

Kids’ strength training

In other “things happening today” news. Today will be the last time that the big guy goes to the occupational therapist. After nearly three years of intervention, he’s now testing like a regular, average kid. He’ll never be the most coordinated or balanced kid, but with my genetics he was always playing against a stacked deck.

However, and somewhat hilariously, the OT has decided to take his younger brother on as a full time client after last week’s assessment - citing muscle weakness in his outer extremities. But given that we had to get a physio involved and several months of daily training to get his muscles ready to walk last summer, it didn’t much come as much of a surprise.

Work stuff

In amongst everything else today (and maybe) this week I need to find some time to sit down and sort through my priorities in life.

I’m not sure how that one is going to really work out because this week I started the week with a calendar about as empty as it gets for me. And I could see clear hour-long gaps for everyday (except Wednesday) morning and afternoon to get some French classes in. By the end of the week. I had done - zero French. I need some accountability there I feel.

Anyway… I need to sort through my own garbage. On Thursday I’ll be sitting down to a final round interview with a small (sub 20 person) AI company. I don’t think it’s fair to call them a startup when they’ve been running since 2016 - but it’s taken them a long time to find product/market fit. Now they are optimizing solar electricity / battery storage commodity pricing whilst optimizing for weather conditions and battery life (because filling batteries past 80% reduces their lifespan).

All of that sounds like a fun little project, and they are back at that sort of sweet spot for me. A bunch of math heavy but software experience light smart guys. In need of guiding the work to something productizable and could be taken to market. I’m no MBA or business major, but I’ve seen this dance a few times now.

That would give me some lateral freedom to evolve the job however I saw fit. Right now they don’t even have a business team to guide the customer relationship. But the flip side is that it would be back to the chaos of startup life. And I just don’t know how I feel about it.

I know that I’m committed to Montreal for another three years at a minimum. So I’m trying to establish where to invest that time. I can stay somewhere safe, and build a bit more experience. Shape something a bit bigger. Finesse my experience of big complicated projects. Learn big corporate management. Or do I through it all in for an unknown environment, where there could be a lot of late nights.

The younger man in my head says to embrace the chaos. To lean into the fast and the fun.

But I’m a grown up now. I don’t exist in a vacuum. I’ve got two young kids. I’ve got a wife that’s having a tough time with her own career. If I commit to a fast pace environment at work, there’s going to be no reserve, no contingency left in the tank for anything at home.

And I guess that’s my dilemma. Do I want to be a champion at work or at home?

Both pull on my ego. But one has more vanity attached.

Maybe this is all hypothetical, I don’t have an offer in my hands yet. So maybe they don’t even want me. But the fact that I’m thinking about this so deeply makes me think that even if they do say no, maybe I should be hunting other opportunities more seriously.

Like I say. A lot to think about.