I slept well last night. After Friday night’s excess of drinking left me feeling pretty empty a solid night was on the docket, but these days a good night of sleep often leaves me groggy. I don’t quite know what to accredit it to, but I don’t recall this ever being a thing until the post university years.

Then again maybe this is selection bias. When I watch my little ones in the morning sometimes they wake up with the joys of spring and sometimes they’ll be a right old grump for an hour or more.

Either way, what does it matter. I’ve got myself out of bed and got the eldest to basketball, which seems to bring him irrational joy.

It’s now been almost a whole week without a dog in our lives and there was been the odd moment where I’ve felt like it’s too quiet. I’ve found myself suspiciously looking around for what’s being destroyed. But that’s just it. I haven’t missed her, I was just expecting her to be under my feet as a constant trip hazard when trying to empty the dishwasher.

The little one has shown no notice that anything has changed, but then he’s of the age where his memory is fairly short and very focused. The big one has made mention of it twice to my knowledge, like this morning when we rediscovered one of her toys behind a sofa. But he never seems to be sad about it.

In fact, yesterday I was reminded of just how different things were. Carpets have returned to the floor, the kids playing with little Hot Wheels cars on the floor most of the day, and the little one even getting his Lego out. It was just a nice few hours of boys being boys. And none of that would’ve been possible last weekend.

On the work front, the request for proposal for the supermarket has been finalized and submitted. A document of only 65 pages in the end, but given the number of people and hours involved it feels somewhat like another PhD thesis. My hope is that it all goes through nicely, both personally and professionally. It would be a great contract to land for the company, which would obviously have my name affiliated with it, but also given the timelines it would probably nicely coincide with the end of the airplane project and hence layout the next year for me.

From a straight delivery perspective, it is far from the adrenaline fuelled ride that I might prefer to see. But you know what? It would be a big, multi year, multi stakeholder, multi million dollar project, and if I want to be running the show one day then this is all good experience. It should also give me enough time to double down on my French classes and also give me enough space to explore other parts of the business.

I’m pretty convinced at this point given the timing, the economy and the everything else I’m not going to go anywhere for a while. But if I’m not going to look elsewhere, then I need to be looking internally for things to keep me interested. I’ve enjoyed my peek into the world further up the sales funnel, so I’ve quietly told a few parties that I’d like to be their first call in the future, so we’ll see where it goes.

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What distinguishes you from other developers?

I've built data pipelines across 3 continents at petabyte scales, for over 15 years. But the data doesn't matter if we don't solve the human problems first - an AI solution that nobody uses is worthless.

Are the robots going to kill us all?

Not any time soon. At least not in the way that you've got imagined thanks to the Terminator movies. Sure somebody with a DARPA grant is always going to strap a knife/gun/flamethrower on the side of a robot - but just like in Dr.Who - right now, that robot will struggle to even get out of the room, let alone up some stairs.

But AI is going to steal my job, right?

A year ago, the whole world was convinced that AI was going to steal their job. Now, the reality is that most people are thinking 'I wish this POC at work would go a bit faster to scan these PDFs'.

When am I going to get my self-driving car?

Humans are complicated. If we invented driving today - there's NO WAY IN HELL we'd let humans do it. They get distracted. They text their friends. They drink. They make mistakes. But the reality is, all of our streets, cities (and even legal systems) have been built around these limitations. It would be surprisingly easy to build self-driving cars if there were no humans on the road. But today no one wants to take liability. If a self-driving company kills someone, who's responsible? The manufacturer? The insurance company? The software developer?