Didn’t quite make it to writing a journal entry last night. Truth is I was doing a different sort of writing until around 9 o’clock in the evening. And at that point, I had to put it down because my eyes were going square.

But I’m a little nervous about this request for proposal. It’s worth an absolute boat load of money and could unlock another five years of engagement with this client. It would be very cool. And my ego would love to have another big win placed on my shoulders.

The fear comes from what feels like a lack of coordination. I feel like I’ve been putting a lot of effort in without knowing what the user interface or science team are doing. We might all be putting in a lot of work but shooting at different targets.

At best, I feel like someone is going to be burning the midnight oil trying to bring it all together into one coherent narrative.

C’est la vie! Maybe that’s not my problem.

In other news, I might have done something extraordinarily silly today. I actually dialled into the AGM for the university’s daycare and after listening to the financial statements I found myself elected onto the board of directors.

I was asked to introduce myself to the crowd and dutifully did so as the engineering manager of an AI consulting firm currently working with companies x, y and z - making them slightly better at separating you from your hard earned money. And that maybe my interest in the daycare was to try and put some good back into the community before the little ones succumb to the evil corporations like I did.

Evidently, I said something they liked because I was immediately nominated to be vice president. However, I declined stating that one of the board members with some experience should probably take that whilst I’m still learning the ropes.

Instead, I’m now the Secretary to the board. Which apparently gets me signing power on cheques and contracts. Blimey!

Not only that, I’m now chairing the communications committee. Maybe that just means emailing out a newsletter. Maybe that’s more. Who knows? But you know what corporate comms is a bit of a slide spot, and I’m in this to get out of my comfort zone and learn some new things. So why not?