I’m actually nervous this morning. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. It’s like that feeling I used to get in high school on the day of the exam. A sort of apprehension that something big is going to happen but also a quiet resolve that the work is done and there’s nothing left to do. There’s no amount of last minute cramming that is going to change anything now.

Today I’m going to take my first flight aboard a private jet. Which is incredibly exciting. And I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think was ever going to happen in my lifetime. When I started working for aircraft manufacturers I thought I might at least get near some aircraft. But the sad truth is, when you’re just the computer guy, no one really wants around the planes. The closest I ever got was the Boeing factory tour with a bunch of tourists.

However, my own personal taxi in the sky is being overshadowed by the mother-of-all interviews, even if it is by proxy. I know that there is little to no expectation of me talking during the actual business meeting. Heck, given the clown show that the thing has turned into with 20 or so execs on both sides, I’ll be a little surprised if I even get into the room anymore.

I’ve seen the boss in sales mode once or twice before and it’s something phenomenal to behold. It’s unworldly. Sort of like seeing a tiger on the hunt in the jungle. There’s an elegance in watching a pure hunter in motion. I have no doubt, that sort of personality has a place in business and especially in closing deals. But it’s so alien and abstract from my usual interactions I can’t help but recognize the talent and be in awe.