E2AF or “EPR 2 ASCII folder” is a folder version of E2A, whereby a folder of Bruker EPR files are converted to ASCII data files (readable by any operating system), by default the conversion is to *.csv files (comma separated values). These file formats are easily editable and can be imported into Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or Origin.


E2AF ('path/to/folder')
E2AF (delimiter)
E2AF ('path/to/file.DTA',delimiter)
E2AF ('path/to/file.DTA',delimiter, extension)


input1 - The path to a folder; must be in single quotes (')

input2 - Delimiter is the separator in the file between numbers , for comma, for space, \t for tab, etc

input3 - Extension is the file format to output eg .csv , .txt, etc


output - a number of files equalling the number of .DTA files in it by default a common separated value file (.csv)



Standard use, a graphical user interface to select the folder to convert and where to put the converted files

E2AF('/path/to/folder',' ','.txt')

Take the file “folder” and convert all the *.DTA files in it to *.txt files (with the same name as the originals), where values are separated with a space rather than the standard comma

This script requires BrukerRead

This page previously appeared on morganbye.net[^1][^2][^3]

[^1:] http://morganbye.net/e2af [^2:] http://morganbye.net/eprtoolbox/e2af) [^3:] http://morganbye.net/uncategorized/2012/10/e2af

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