cwViewer is a tool for the easy opening, analysis, manipulation and plotting of cw EPR data and superceeds the previous function cwPlotter

With an intuitive user interface, users can quickly create professional looking figures in seconds and export them however they like. Here’s a quick demo introducing the basic features:

cwPlotter comes as part of the EPRtoolbox or as a direct download

Users can quickly load

  • a single file
  • a folder of files
  • a single file with a third dimension (such as power) (*.YGF file)

Manipulate the data using

  • an auto-zeroing function
  • a normalization function
  • a Savitzky-Golay smoothing function
  • a digital smoothing function, using a moving average
  • a smoothing fast Fourier transformation

View the spectra

  • with an automatic or manually selected range
  • as a single spectrum (with slider to move between them)
  • overlaid on top of each other
  • staggered (on x, y or x and y axes)
  • plotted against Magnetic Field or g-value

From the menu, the figure can then be exported or saved in a variety of common image formats

EasySpin Integration

As of v12.7 cwViewer offers limited EasySpin integration. From the window menu select EasySpin fitting

This loads the EasySpin fitting window to the bottom-right of the main cwViewer window

From here you have several EasySpin parameters that you can play with. The EasySpin Fitting window loads with pre-defined parameters for nitroxide spin labels.

When happy with the options click the Fit button and whichever spectra is currently on screen will be fitting in a new window in the usual way for EasySpin.

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