DEERextract - get data from DeerAnalysis


DeerAnalysis is a program from the team at ETH Zurich that allows for the easy conversion of DEER / PELDOR data into distance distributions. The program itself runs within MATLAB which is renowned for being difficult to make high quality figures with, and DeerAnalysis provides no easy way to obtain the raw data behind the plots that it presents, something that is required if you want to go on to analyse the data.

DEERextract is a short script that goes some of the way to obtaining this data for your own analysis or better presentation of figures.


This requires that you copy the DeerAnalysis figures using the ‘Copy’ button in the ‘Data sets’ box on the right hand side of the screen, then click into the second or third figure, bringing it to the front and setting it as the current figure.

[x,y] = DEERextract

The following diagrams show plots from DeerAnalysis (left) compared to the same plot exported and replotted in QtiPlot (right)

  • DeerAnalysis is available for free here
  • DEERextract is available for free here
  • DEERextract is made available as part of the EPRtoolbox

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