This script allows for the loading of cw-EPR Fsc2 files from Jens Törring’s (FU Berlin) program Fsc2 into the MATLAB environment for data analysis.



When no inputs are selected a “point and click” interface guides the user through selecting a file

FSC2READ ('/path/to/file')

With an input the script opens the selected file

FSC2READ ('/path/to/file','plot')

With the second input argument as ‘plot’ the imported file is displayed automatically as a new figure

[x, y] = FSC2READ (...)

The loaded file has the magnetic field loaded into ‘x’ and the intensity into ‘y’

[x, y, header] = FSC2READ (...)

As above the loaded file has x and y fields, but also a string that contains all the header information from the file

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