MMM Plotter - 3 spin labels


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Carrying on from the 2 spin label temperature assay figure creation script. I found myself trying to repeat my success on a system with 3 spin labels.

Such systems give added complication as we now have 3 peaks on the DEER analysis relating to 3 distances. However, in my case I had 2 peaks at very similar distances which ran into each other but I wanted to maintain the underlying peaks as well as the overall trace.

As before

In the DEER window, the figure must be detached and saved to a folder as a .fig file. The annotations work off of the file names, save your figures as temperatures ie. 298K.fig The plots will be plotted in folder order, so to get 4K plotted first (ie at the bottom) you need to name your file 004K and adjust it later in Figure Editor

Other notes

The first peak is in green and labelled in the workspace as X1 and Y1 Second peak, red, X2 and Y2 Third peak, blue, X3 and Y3 The overall trace, black, has double line width and is solid, X0 and Y0. The overall trace is plotted last and therefore on top of the others (hence why the green cant be seen above)

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