MMM Plotter - 2 spin labels

Feature implemented in EPRtoolbox or download now

MMM is a program from the team at ETH Zurich which allows for the attachment of spin labels in silico. Once attached PELDOR (aka DEER) spectra can be simulate.

With time a temperature assay can be conducted and the distance between spin labels can be monitored.

This MATLAB script combines multiple experiments and plots them into one figure.

Important notes:

  • In the DEER window of MMM, the figure must be detached and saved to a folder as a .fig file.
  • All .fig ’s need to be saved to the same folder
  • The annotations work off of the file names, save your figures as temperatures ie. 298K.fig
  • The plots will be plotted in folder order, so to get 4K plotted first (ie at the bottom) you need to name your file 004K and adjust it later in Figure Editor

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