Morgan H. Bye, PhD


Funny how this daily journaling has deteriorated. Finding ten minutes a day to be alone with my thoughts and without distraction is surprisingly difficult. Nevertheless this ritual of coming to basketball practice and writing once a week whilst the big guy plays has become something of a ritual. And you know what, low expectations is often the secret to starting any new habit so the fact that I’ve managed to maintain a weekly practice of journaling is something that I’m quietly proud of.


I slept well last night. After Friday night’s excess of drinking left me feeling pretty empty a solid night was on the docket, but these days a good night of sleep often leaves me groggy. I don’t quite know what to accredit it to, but I don’t recall this ever being a thing until the post university years. Then again maybe this is selection bias. When I watch my little ones in the morning sometimes they wake up with the joys of spring and sometimes they’ll be a right old grump for an hour or more.


Another day of revisiting this daily writing! LOL! I think it’s been 10 days since the last time I managed to write anything. But in my defence life happened and I got busy again. I could talk about the steering committee with the big client that happened today. Or perhaps I could talk about the request for proposal from the supermarket that had me design a whole five year digital transformation in the space of five days.


Another Sunday morning and another opportunity to be sat with my thoughts, as the rain pours and the eldest attempts to play basketball at the Y. I say attempts, as his hand/eye coordination is still astoundingly bad. During one of his assessments this week he managed to catch only 3 of 6 balls thrown to him, which for a 7 year old I find a little shocking. At this point I feel like I already had a set of juggling balls and was embarrassing myself.


Didn’t quite make it to writing a journal entry last night. Truth is I was doing a different sort of writing until around 9 o’clock in the evening. And at that point, I had to put it down because my eyes were going square. But I’m a little nervous about this request for proposal. It’s worth an absolute boat load of money and could unlock another five years of engagement with this client.


Well today I didn’t do anywhere near the amount of writing that I had set out to do. One of the clients that I had previously worked on has put out a request for proposal out. However, somewhat unreasonable despite this modern day and age, apparently these require hard copies to be submitted. Which requires type setting, a design team and an actual print shop. All of which takes no less than five business days - which doesn’t sound unreasonable until you find out that we have only two weeks to respond to the RFP.