Morgan H. Bye, PhD

Life currently

Well life is several things so we are told. I only agree with one of the common place sayings. Life is hard. Plain and simple. Just when I thought it was about time I got a break, a bit of a let off life comes along and takes another fat bite out of my arse. And supposedly bottling things up is not healthy for us so consider this to be my cleansing of mind, body and soul.

Am I a bad person if...

…when I saw the queues on campus this morning I just laughed. Knowing full well that all those “students” will be standing in line for a good 2 hours just to get to the front of the line to get a flimsy piece of plastic, which they will largely never use except to get into the library, so as I say will largely never use. Although this is a fantastic method of separating out the Brits from the foreigners.