Morgan H. Bye, PhD

Nearly there

So, today is Wednesday. And university is all but past tense. He says with his fingers crossed, for Friday we find out if I actually have to do a viva next week. Which if I do then there shall be 30 minutes of hell next week on Tuesday or Wednesday but then it should all be over. For those not in the know, a viva is essentially an interview where they ask you questions from any topic that you have studied in your time at university.

A new beginning

Hello and welcome to my new blog. Some may remember my original blog that was hosted for many years on a certain social networking site. Unfortunately it was lost to the ether as a result of an argument with a particularly crazy girlfriend and as a result of the falling standards of said social networking site to a level where everything was in pastel colours and aimed at telling the world what band you thought was hot.

A new beginning

Morgan says: tis a classic response though why do I have to deal with crazys? the huge iceberg ones at that Housemate says: your a listener its your first mistake your second mistake is begin happy with yourself, so the advice sounds more genuine and good the third mistake is having a sense of humour and making people happy due to it Morgan says: bugger… good analysis though


My horoscope for today. You Lions have been tested ever since Saturn entered your sign in July, 2005 ( / A levels). Even if you have already been through major transition, your current actions will still have important ramifications over the weeks ahead. Consider the tasks before you; if you are trying to take on too much, you may be forced to let go. Make adjustments now by taking cues from reality before it’s too late.

Smile and contention

Randomly, Brother: You’re a legend Me: Well, I try to be. Brother: No you don’t even have to try. I mean, you’re one of these people that don’t even have to try, you are just a legend. When you walk down the road, people are just like “yes”. I smile. I lean back. I feel content.


Well I haven’t had a good night. Well a good few days really. This morning I was awoken 3 times by different phone calls. The first at half past one in the morning by a housemate that is currently away ringing to see where his mobile was then realising that ringing the house phone at uni is not the same as his mobile. The second time was at half past seven in the morning by the local county council phoning to ask me to do a questionnaire about antiĀ­social behaviour in my area.