Morgan H. Bye, PhD

Holidays II

Well today I’ve just got back from Lady E’s place via the means of a 5 hour train journey. That I must say was far more productive and pleasant than the train journey to Manchester the week before. Partially because the train was over half empty and I managed to have a table seat to myself in the Sun with a good book from Sheffield. The Manchester to Sheffield trip was quite successful in that I only shed only maybe 6 tears upon leaving my lady on a platform.

Holidays I

Well today is day 2 of the holiday, well complete day 1 of Cornwall. And I’ve gotta say that I’m knackered for it. Back on Friday I got up early and packed my a full backpack in Downham. Quickly I got myself down to the train station; after Downham decided that it might be quite useful to actually man the quiosk, I go on the train. A quick hop to Ely and a coffee later I got on the cross country train heading for Manchester and Lady E.

Norfolk, a new beginning

Well I’ve got to say, it has certainly been an exciting couple of days. Since I last wrote I’ve been to Denmark and back for Doug’s wedding and I’ve packed up all my belongings and have moved out of Nottingham after a graduating. Tomorrow brings a trip to Manchester on the train so that I can go on holiday with Liz and her family to Cornwall for the week. So yes, Denmark was an odd experience indeed.

House hunting

So, this past week has been one in which there has been little rest for the wicked. I got to spend all of last Thursday researching houses online through the wonders of RightMove amongst others. Having then compiled a list using several criteria: Must be 2 bed Must be both double beds, I think me and JC both have too much stuff for single rooms really. Ideally greater than 2.5 x 2.

Alton Towers

So, I’m now fed and watered after today’s activities. And I gotta say I had a good little day. Me, JC and the appropriate ladies joined us in a little adventure to the middle of Staffordshire in the name of fun and Alton Towers. Aside from me and Lady E turning up at 9 after having planned for traffic and then finding none, and unfortunately the JC car finding that traffic most successfully what with them having the booking form; meant that me and E sat outside the front of the gates for over an hour and a half.

Post results

So, after the weekend in Manchester and having watched lady E run the race for life we have returned to Nottingham. So we only have a day or two now until I go off on Doug’s stag weekend and after that its a week in Sherringham on the Norfolk coast with JC and company. Which should be a nice relaxing break from the running around that has been accustomed in previous months.