Hey! I’m Morgan. I have a lot of titles in my life.

Husband. Father. Software developer. Manager. Recovering scientist.

My adult life began in the UK many years ago studying to one day become part of the team that might try and cure cancer. Because… you know… trying to build airplanes didn’t seem realistic.

Since then, I went and earnt a Masters degree in cancer biology. Then a PhD in magnetic resonance, becoming a professional scientist along the way. With a few years of hindsight, I best describe those days as trying to build the next generation of MRI scanners. Not exactly the thing, but it’s relatable enough to a general audience.

Somewhere along the line of playing with all this experimental hardware at the intersection of physics meeting biology building the software to control, operate and process all that data became the best bit.

So 3 countries and nearly a decade of experience later, I’ve made a profession out of solving big complicated problems with big, complicated datasets.

I’ve cured cancer using personal genome data. I’ve built intelligent maintenance systems for aircraft, so that problems get fixed before they break, and I’ve made millions of dollars in extra profit in retail by adjusting promotion pricing.