Morgan Bye
Morgan Bye

Bringing AI into the real world...

Leveraging my expertise, I'm here to collaborate with you on bringing custom AI solutuions into the real world. Together, let's optimize this planet!

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Standout talent

Morgan has a unique talent to think outside the box and grasp concepts most find difficult. His knowledge of Google Cloud and aviation big data is excellent. He was always keen and willing to learn new technology with a very positive attitude toward work.

Leila Sahabejamee

Leila Sahabejamee

Director of Product Management

Incredible knowledge

...the moment I see your name in a meeting, I sit back knowing you will come up with solutions that of best interests of us, it's incredible Morgan what you have contributed towards this project.

Bimla Shelley

Bimla Shelley

Senior Product Owner

Any time, any project

Morgan exemplifies the core tenants of DevOps and more... be it his detail oriented delivery, thirst for knowledge, excellent teaching ability, architecture and design capabilities, or the superb documentation he produces... I'd gladly work with him any time, on any project and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Andrew Couzens

Andrew Couzens

DevOps Engineer

Leila Sahabejamee
Bimla Shelley
Andrew Couzens

What distinguishes you from other developers?

I've built data pipelines across 3 continents at petabyte scales, for over 15 years. But the data doesn't matter if we don't solve the human problems first - an AI solution that nobody uses is worthless.

Are the robots going to kill us all?

Not any time soon. At least not in the way that you've got imagined thanks to the Terminator movies. Sure somebody with a DARPA grant is always going to strap a knife/gun/flamethrower on the side of a robot - but just like in Dr.Who - right now, that robot will struggle to even get out of the room, let alone up some stairs.

But AI is going to steal my job, right?

A year ago, the whole world was convinced that AI was going to steal their job. Now, the reality is that most people are thinking 'I wish this POC at work would go a bit faster to scan these PDFs'.

When am I going to get my self-driving car?

Humans are complicated. If we invented driving today - there's NO WAY IN HELL we'd let humans do it. They get distracted. They text their friends. They drink. They make mistakes. But the reality is, all of our streets, cities (and even legal systems) have been built around these limitations. It would be surprisingly easy to build self-driving cars if there were no humans on the road. But today no one wants to take liability. If a self-driving company kills someone, who's responsible? The manufacturer? The insurance company? The software developer?

Mini Q2 review

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve actually sat down and committed keyboard to screen. It’s not that the intention hasn’t been there - it has been, several times. Well most weeks if I’m honest, but I have this nasty habit …

Un nouveau départ

Alors, je suis ici. Un nouveau départ. J’ai eu quelques nouveaux départs sur ce site au fil des ans. Mais, celui-ci est différent. Cette fois, je vais essayer d’ecrire en français tous les nuits. Ou du moins, plusieurs nuits. Est-ce que …


It’s Sunday night and I sit on the boy’s bedroom floor to write this evening. It’s a long weekend thanks to Easter so it’s day three with the family and the cracks are well and truly starting to show. And that’s before …

Morgan Bye

Hi there 👋 ! I'm Morgan, AI pro & certified cat herder.

When I'm not crafting AI solutions for the business supply chain, you can catch me sipping coffee, training to try and get my half-marathon under 2 hours or just out on my bike

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