Morgan H. Bye, PhD


I may have missed my weekly journalling slot last week, I had gotten in the habit of simple using the time when the big guy was at basketball practice to sit down and pen some thoughts on my phone. However, with the end of basketball, I suddenly had a Sunday without the regular routine. I had all the intentions of sitting down and still finding some time to write, but then life happened.

Dumpster diving & retrieval of Wordpress content

Background For reasons that are stupid, I’ve lost my hosted Wordpress website. The TLDR version is that the webhost keeps doing something. The PHP version keeps changing, the MySQL database corrupts, the Wordpress backend auto-updates either via a webhost script or within Wordpress itself and then corrupts. Either way, enough is enough. I don’t actually use Wordpress for all of the bells and whistles. I don’t actually use it like a dynamic site, and I don’t need a relational database powering the backend.


No denying it now, winter is officially here. Last Sunday the snow kept coming and we awoke to around 40cm on the ground. As expected it took the city a little time to deal with the first snow of the year. The little guy too has also struggled with going back to being taken to daycare in the trailer with the big tyres rather than upon my shoulders. Mentally, it hasn’t felt like an encasement yet.


Looks like the snow is with us. A strong wind from the north is bringing with it a little snow. The weather forecast has a prediction of 15cm this evening. Unavoidable I suppose, but still no less depressing. I think the seasonal mood is kicking in. I thought I was doing okay with the cold and the dark this year, but the snow is an undeniable sign that winter is here for the next few months.


Sunday, Bloody Sunday as U2 famously sang. Or is it sung? Not that this Sunday has anything to do with political killings- more just a sentiment of “oh another of these”. Family The good lady wife is currently in Vancouver with her bridesmaids as part of her birthday weekend extravaganza, which necessitates me disproportionately picking up the burden of childcare. However, in this instance I’ve played the game smarter than usual and have largely stacked the weekend with activities.


Midweek journaling! Look at this! Truthfully, between meetings over the last day or two I’ve taken the time to investigate a new framework for my website. None of the bells and whistles. Just a minimal barrier between writing and getting something posted. I think historically this has been my barrier. When my grandmother was still alive I made a conscious effort to use my correspondence with her as a way of keeping an account on my life.