Changing the world... one terabyte at a time

I've spent over 12 years tackling some of the largest and trickiest big data problems in the world.

From curing cancer to fixing planes still in the sky - I've built AI solutions for the real world.

Here's some of the best projects I can talk about
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    Here's how I spend my time

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    Leadership in tech

    Leading & lifting up tech teams

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    Software & AI

    Coding & commits with a conscience

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    Fitness & Family

    Running, riding until recuperation

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    In the last 3 years, I've delivered


    in additional revenue


    for major international companies across 3 sectors

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    What people are saying

    Here's some select quotes from people that I've worked with
    “Thank you for the amazing efforts you have put into this project right from day 1. We wouldn't be where we are today without you Morgan... it's incredible Morgan what you have contributed towards this project.”
    Bimla ShelleyBombardier

    "Morgan has a unique talent to think outside the box and grasp concepts most find difficult. His knowledge of Google Cloud and big data is excellent. He was always keen and willing to learn new technology with a very positive attitude toward work."

    Leila SahebjameeMicrosoft

    I write things every now and again

    Here's some of my latest thoughts...

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