That funny feeling continues

So my funny week continues into a funny little weekend.  So, after the adventures that E had it was down to this weekend to have ourselves a little house warming celebration, nothing fancy, just a few guys from the Western parts of Norfolk for old times sake.  And well, I have to say the numbers in attendance were pretty slim which would not normally bother me much; if anything I generally prefer smaller numbers for it usually bears better conversation.  However, on this occasion over the 20 or some names that were invited we actually had 2 turn up, 1 apology for being otherwise engaged and 1 phone call asking what we were doing and then a resulting poo-poo.

This in itself was fine by me but seemed to really annoy JC.  Seems that he has a harder time than me in accepting that people can and do change with time; and sometimes you wont like the person that they turn into, but it is inevitable, for it is like, and we as humans never cease in redefining ourselves.

But really I think, E really summarised it well when she asked if certain characters still lived at home.  When I confirmed that they did, she concluded that it was rather obvious for they were more concerned about sitting around watching football and playing computer games than they were actually about socialising.  She concluded that they were more concerned about being boys (out of reach of mum’s roof) than they were about being a friend.  It would have been good to just find a nice quiet pub and have a social drink rather than starring at an idiot box.

But then they are who they are, and I knew what the weekend was going to be like as soon as only two people showed up.  And JC was either blissfully hopeful or plain nieve to think that the weekend was going to be much different.  And as far as I’m concerned I’m just happy to spend some time with some old friends and have a laugh.  For without old friends in the world then what are we?

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