Report Builder

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reportbuilder was written out of frustration. Frustration that for any given experiment, there are usually a number of required setup experiments which result in a folder quickly looking like this:

This set up experiments are often very repetitive and require only a cursory glance before being stuck in a lab-book and forgotten. In the case of such experiments, then why not automate the process such that good quality figures can be generated in seconds.

Navigate to the folder that contains the experiments and then call reportbuilder

A graphical menu appears asking how many figures/experiments are to be plotted

A file selection dialogue then appears. reportbuilder supports both Bruker and SpecMan files. If more than 1 file is to be plotted then the file selection will keep appearing.

The file is then loaded, analysed and plotted. Note that the experiment type must appear in the file name ie. FSE, T2, T1, 4PEL. The plotted figure is then saved to the folder as a EPS file.

reportbuilder also generates a TEX file and displays some commands to the user (that cannot be called from MatLab). The TEX file compiles the EPS image file into the final report of the image alongside a parameter table.


Well several figures are plotted at the same time then the figures are plotted one after another, 3 to a page in an A4 paper size PDF file.

Note that T2 and T1 files will automatically be fitted to give the decay time.

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