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It’s Friday…

It’s Friday, it’s 28 degrees and I’m sat in a Roman piazza for lunch and a beer. Travelling in Israel could be worse.

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Bon voyage!

Friends may come, friends may go, but increasingly I’m finding that people, no matter where they are from, are people.


PulseGen is the MatLab tool for the fast and accurate drawing of pulse sequences in EPR or other magnetic resonance techniques. The original script was written by Dr. F. Mentink (Weizmann Institute of Science, IL) as a result of frustration in drawing pulse sequences accurately. In the original script only pulses were drawn, whilst later iterations included both an adjustable …

Best email of the year

Dear Morgan I am very pleased to inform you that we have received approval of your corrections from your examiners…

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The times they are a changin’

In 2013, I ended a long term relationship. I wrote a body of work longer than 2 standard paperback novels. I started a new job. I moved countries. I moved deliberately to a place where I knew no one, I didn’t speak the language and had no idea of the culture, history or ethos.

With hindsight, I don’t know if this makes me incredibly stupid or incredibly brave.

For me the decision was ultimately simple. When else am I going to do this?

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A long weekend

As a long year draws to a close I thought that it might be an opportune time to spend some a few moments reflecting on the last year. It has been a while since my last musing, over 3 weeks in fact. Which is both rather usual and completely unplanned. I’ve intended to sit down for some time now and …