April 2020

You join me today as we approach week 7 of quarantine — derived from the Italian word for “forty”.

March 2020

Big news from my end, I handed my notice in at Boeing

January 2020

from coast to coast, it’s time to start a new life… again

September 2019

Rotem seems to have taken a real fondness for ice cream again recently. I think his mother might be slipping him some while I’m not looking. But last weekend, he realized that the wafer of the cone is actually edible — much to his delight. Which means that ice creams are now a full half-hour affair, requiring a full change …

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Drug delivery

One of the biggest and most fundamental challenges in pharmaceutical chemistry is: how do you get a drug into the body?

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Antibiotic Armageddon

Antibiotic resistance continues to become a huge, global problem. Our options of “last resort”, have been beaten. Where do we go next?