My name is Morgan Bye and I’m originally from the UK, since then I’ve found myself living in Israel and more recently Canada. I’m 27 and have devoted over a decade of my life to science.

I started with a Masters in biochemistry, then moved for a PhD in chemistry (or more specifically biophysics), before I ended up in Israel working as a research scientist in chemical physics.

It is my belief that science can solve any problem in the world, and I thought I could contribute most by becoming a scientist and researching how diseases worked. My passion however always lay outside of the lab.

I want to tell the world how great science is, because it really is. The problem all too often is that the greatest minds, working on some of the hardest problems in the world, really struggle to talk to the world.

That’s where I come in. I’m passionate about science, but now I’m dedicating myself to communicating science. Not just from scientists to the world, but I want to facilitate better science too.

Let’s get scientists out the lab! Let’s get professors, students, doctors, charities and governments on the same page and make the world a better place.

This site hopes to show you that these things can be done, and what problems stand in the way.

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About you

Why include an about you section on my about me page?

Well, because this site is all about communication. Not just from me to you. Not even from me to you and your friends. I want the whole world to be inspired to do better.

I believe that a leader gains power by giving power to others, and yes whilst I might do most of the talking, I only want to be offering ideas that make you think, grow and progress.

Only by inspiring others can we make a meaningful difference in our own lives.

I always try to respond to every tweet and every comment that I receive. If you take the time to write to me, then you are worth my time.

Most of all I want to develop meaningful relationships and friendships with as many of you reading this as possible.