A new beginning


Hello and welcome to my new blog. Some may remember my original blog that was hosted for many years on a certain social networking site. Unfortunately it was lost to the ether as a result of an arguement with a particually crazy girlfriend and as a result of the falling standards of said social networking site to a level where everything was in pastel colours and aimed at telling the world what band you thought was hot.
Alas, it saddens me somewhat as I'm sure there must have been a few diamonds in the rough hidden in the mix. I few gems that I could have liked to remember 6th form by. And then for whatever reason, I havent really kept any record throughout university of my thoughts. Which isnt to say I havent had them, or that I havent had the time (even though I'd like to delude myself into thinking it at times). It probably comes more from a place where I am to lazy to go through the hastle of creating a new one and going through the motions of keeping it updated, or from the fear of coming across as “emo”.
Nevertheless, a new blog is here. A new blog dedicated to my post-university life. Which is somewhat of a cheat I know, for there is 9 days before my last exam but you get the point. Especially considering that the last exam is a 2nd year module, and is designed as an explanation to all the new freshers about the basics of lab work. No joke, 2 lectures were spent on IR spectra, which is a technique that I've been using now for 5 years. So if I cant pass that exam with one hand behind my back… (I wont jynx it)

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